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A very flickr update 7: Krakow

Some lovely pics from my lovely time in Krakow last month.

Wawel Hill

Me at Wawel Hill, and the wonderful storybook like castle grounds.

The Wawel Dragon

Heading down from Wawel Hill you can find the Wawel Dragon. Legend has it that it did something once and it was cool. Now it’s a tacky tourist thing and actually BREATHES FIRE. Sigh. They ruin sudh good stuff.

Auschwitz Entrance

Auschwitz Death Wall

Auschwitz 2: Birkenau

Aushwitz and Birkenau, the famous Nazi concentration camps. I am so fascinated by modern history, and this was one fo the big draws for me for Krakow. Such a harrowing, somber expreienc to walk through there.

1. Entrance to Auschwitz 1.
2. The execution wall at Auschwitz 1.
3. The entrance of Auschwitz 2, also known as Birkenau.

Oscar Schindler's factory

Interest in war stuff continued when I found Oscar Schindler’s factory. I had a surreal afternoon there fixing a projector and walking through the abondoned ruins, and buying batteries. I’ll tell you about it sometime. It’s probably my best travel story yet.

Rynek Glowny

Tessa & Sarah

St Mary's Church, Krakow

It wasn’t all doom and gloom in Krakow. It is such a beautiful place and the people were just wonderful. Best was he town square called Rynek Glowny.

1. Rynek Glowny, and the building in the middle called Cloth Hall.
2. Tessa and Sarah, friends from the Hostel
3. St Mary’s at night. Lopsided funny church that is also in Rynek Glowny.

I loved Krakow. If you go, stay at the Orange Hostel. They were so good to me.


A very flickr 6: Prague

So back to our regular programing for a second…the second installment of my photos from Europe. This time, Prague.

Me in Prague
Me in Wenceslas Square, Prague

So I got to Prague by plane from Brussels. Getting off the plane and onto the bus, I met 5 really nice guys from New york. We spent most of my time in Prague drinking, with me dragging along anyone I could find from the hostel.

NY Friends drinking in Prague
l-r: Nate, Ian, Alex, George, Chris, Sarah, Alex number 2, all from NY

I wasn’t prepared for how beautiful Prague was. Simply put, no one told me.

Lennon Wall, Prague

Vltava, Prague

Me at the Astronomical Clock

Prague Castle Steps

Me, St Vitus Cathedral, Prague

Prague Castle at Night

Random Pretties

1. The John Lennon Wall. Still not sure why John Lennon has a wall here, and it’s just graffiti, scribbles and things from local youths. At least they are being political and optimistic with their graffiti. Good on ’em.
2. The view of the Vltava river from St Charles Bridge. I had a beautiful moment just standing there looking at the world one afternoon.
3. The somewhat Back To the Future Part 3-esque Astronomical Clock at the Old Square.
4. Steps leading up to Prague Castle
5. St Vitus Catherdal, within the castle walls
6. The Prague Castle itself, but at night, looking over the main city. So beautiful I cannot describe. This photo does it no justice.

Brian, Adam, Prague

Adam's Lego Joker and Batman

More drinking buddies. Above, Brian and Adam. Below, Batman and the Joker.

Prague Dancers

I was already completely in love with this city when I stumbled onto this at the Old Town Square. A bunch of beautiful women doing a marching baton dance. To an instrumetal version of my favourite musical ever – My Fair Lady. I was clapping and hooting like a maniac with just pure joy, as the sun shone and the military band played: I’m Getting Married In the Morning, With A Little Bit Of Luck and I Could Have Danced All Night.

Kafka and Me

An artist greatly under-appreciated in his own time, and a statue of Frank Kafka.

Dancing Building, Me

Finally, my fave thing in Prague. The Dancing House by Frank Gehry. From the other angle, it looks like Fred Astaire holding Ginger Rogers as her skirt spins in a dance. It’s awesome.

I took so many more photos, these are but the highlights. More on Flickr. But even a billion photos cannot describe how much I loved every second in Prague. I can’t wait to go again.


A Very Belgian Flickr Update, flickr number 5

Now that we caught up on London, finally I can post the some of the hundreds of photos from my recent Europe jaunt. Firstly, Brussels.

Me at Grand Place
Me at Grand Place

Asterix Statue Smurf Statute Smurfs House Smurfs Sketches

Undisputed, surprise highlight was the Comics Museum:
1. Asterix (and Dogmatix! I love Dogmatix)
2. A Smurf statue (Surgeon Smurf?)
3. Fancy shot of a Smurf House, lightly reminiscent of a photo of Elvis Costello I really like. It’s the back of the All This Useless Beauty record, trainspotters.
4. Some of the very first sketches Le Schtroumpf.

Katia at Grand Place

There was a free music festival on at all different sites around the city, and Katia and I enjoyed lots of great music. Katia also did a lovely job translating the French lyrics for me.

The Manneken Pis and Me
A symbol of rebellious spirit, and a shit statue of a boy having a piss.

If I don’t look impressed it’s because I wasn’t. This is the Manneken Pis, a statue of a boy having, well, a piss. It’s supposed to be ironic, and cheeky. It’s a bit bizarre and disturbing. Just like Isabelle’s humour then.

Calvin at Brussels airport

I love random things at the best of times. But to see the head of my favourite comic strip character at the disused children’s play area at Brussels airport takes the cake. What the hell? This is Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes. He, and his creator, Bll Watterson, inspired the very first song on the very first album I ever made. He doesn’t license this sort of thing out either, making it an illegal ornament. Makes it even better.

(Yes, it’s just a picture. I’ll get over it)

London (but my heart is in Brussels)

A very flickr update 4: Summer In the City

Here’s a bunch of stuff that’s been happening:

Pyke Band Jam

Josh Pyke continues to tour here a lot. Here he is with James Lees, sitting around at Balfour Manor. sorry to Hawker who I think we called during our drunken night.

He's Behind You!

Went to this year’s Mojo awards and had a blast! Belinda Carlise. Alice Cooper. Arcade Fire. Bjork. Iggy Pop. Damon Albarn. And in the photo behind me, Noel Gallagher.

Emily and Me

Emily left Warners but it hasn’t stopped us from seeing far too much of eachother still. This weird shot was taken at her farewell.

The Earls Court Tardis

I have decided I am in love with the new series of Doctor Who. One of the more crazy things about it is the TARDIS, which the Doctor claims can just fade into the background and no one would notice. Well, Jeanette and I have both passed this Police Box in Earl’s Court many times and only just noticed it one drizzly morning on the way to Dublin. The Doctor was right.

Jeanette At Trinity College, Dublin

REM - Olympia Theatre

Me and Oscar Wilde

1. Jeanette at Trinity College
2. REM live at the Olympia Theatre, opening night
3. One of history’s greatest wits, and a statue of Oscar Wilde

David Tennant at Live Earth

More Doctor Who, this time at Live Earth, where he introduced the Pussycat Dolls. I was more excited about the Doctor, really. Spinal Tap, Madonna, Beastie Boys and the Foo Fighters were all fantastic.

The Balfour Family

Jodie, on the left, left us for home. The end of an era and we miss her heaps.

Julie And Julian Wright

Two work colleagues. Actual names – Julie Wright, and Julian Wright. No relation.

Bec and Butler

One of so many random nights at home. Bec Couche having a lot of fun. Emily not so much.

My new Bike

My new bike. Well it’s old, and a present from Torsten. I’ve decided to name him Gerald, after the mouse in the Pink Floyd song ‘Bike’.

Nicole and Isabelle, Prince

Nicole and Isabelle at the O2, for the opening night of Prince.

Olivia and Nathan, Simpsons Movie Premiere

Olivia and Nathan, outside the weird Springfield recreation FOX made for the Simpsons Movie Premiere.

Monty Davis

Finally, the newest member of our team, Monty Davis, son of Sian. Mark and Julian look on as David holds the big guy. Monty looks very happy with life in this photo.


A very overdue flickr update (part the third)

Me and Moriaty
One of history’s greatest villains. And a wax statue of Moriaty.

It’s coming on summer, they aren’t cutting down the trees, and I figured better than doing a whole lot of explaining (like my brother Vince would), I would let these pictures speak a thousand words.

Jay, Josh and Natalie
Jay, Josh and Natalie @ the Borderline

Asho & Ali
Asho and Ali @ Barfly

Nathan And Andy Clockwise
Nathan & Andy Clockwise

Tim in a phonebooth
Tim Byron in a phonebooth

Sophie & Ash
Sophie and Ash

A nice flow of friends have been coming through London. I don’t feel like a tourist anymore. Josh Pyke, a very talented and hairy singer, and an old mate, has come and played in London several times. Asho, a great old friend has breezed in and out as well. Andy Clockwise, who I barely knew in Sydney, spent some time in London, and some time drunk on my couch. tim Byron, ex Reservations keyboardist, came for a visit of universities, and spent some days in London. Two of my oldest, dearest friends, Sophie and Ash, jetted here for gigs and time off. I think we laughed the whole time.

Before Sunset
C’est moi et Erin, dans Paris

Paul and Ann on the Seine
Paul & Ann

I have done very little travelling in the last few months. A quick stop in Paris to visit Paul and Ann who were on holidays there. I love Paris so much. Erin and I recreated the movie Before Sunset one morning. Look at us chatting away about intense topics.

Emily and Isabelle
Emily and Isabelle, striking a pose

Nick, Nathan and Jodie
Nick, Nathan and Jodes

We had a party at my house and it was a great night. Above, Emily and Isabelle striking a pose. Also, Nick, Nathan and Jodes the morning after. I had a wonderful moment at the party, thinking I got to London with nothing, and built this life for myself. It was great.

My Desk June 2007
My desk, circa May 2007

It’s changed quite a bit since then, but I thought it was funny. I will update this as time passes.

More actual proper ‘what I’ve been doing’ type updates coming soon.

Why not smile

A very flickr upate 2

I am the proud owner of a new Macbook. I got a white one, because black just looked like a PC. So goodbye old Dell crazy thing, with your angry screen. I’m up to date with things like Messenger and Skype too. Most importantly, I can finally upload some of the photos I’ve taken.

A Bahlam Christmas

Tim, who along with Marianne were my first hosts in London. He is putting together the Christmas tree I got to know very well.


Emily, and her store. We worked together at Warners and now both find ourselves in London in the same point in our lives. I will have big news about her soon, but so far we have been loving Wagamamas.

Nick and Dave again

Nick and Dave, last seen in Paris, chilling on the couch. They crashed with me for a few days before Dave returned to Canada and Nick slowly makes his way to Sydney of all places.

Tate Modern Super Slide

Watching myself disappear

A couple of photos from the tremendous Tate Modern museum. I know Nick found it frustrating, as did I in many places. But I loved the wankery of it, the art as ideas only part. I wont wank on, but the first shot is of the series of slides that you can go on in the main entrance hall. The second in a series of automatic doors made of mirrors.

Simon's birhday

Back in Paris again for Simon’s birthday. We actually ran into eachother in the streets on Monmartre, near the Sacre Coeur, my spiritual heart of Paris. From left to right there’s Adam, Simon’s brother who’s apartment this photo was taken. Chris, who Simon met at a tourist office when travelling through Europe last. Simon sits next to Joan, his mum who along with Adam treated her to this trip. Far right, Swedish Pete, who along with Swedish Tom (not pictured) joined a random crew for a big random night.

Snow mobile

It's like a blank page

Finally, it snowed in London as January faded. It was such a wonderful thing, this blanket of magic light that covered everything, put everyone in a good mood and made us amazed at the world we lived in. Or at least it did for me. 1) The car outside the building I live in. 2) Em and the snowman that was a group effort amongst the office staff.

Hopefully it wont be that long before another photo update.

A Very Flickr update

Finally back in Wi Fi land. Here are some photos now that my laptop is back in almost top form.

Lisa & Kim

This is Lisa (left) and Kim (right), from Melbourne Australia. They kept me laughing from Paris to Madrid. They also kept me up with a couple of rather late nights.

Barcelona Birds

As expected, the Spanish birds are all over me. Is there an emoticon for the drum thing that happens when someone makes a crap joke?

Nick & Dave

Nick and Dave from Canada. We hung out in Paris together and they are two of the most head-screwed-on 19 year olds I’ve met. Most people under 20 I’ve met have been knobs of the highest order. And as Nick noted, there’s not that many of them anyway. Maybe people are travelling later in life now.

This photo was taken at the gorgeous Jardin Du Luxembourg, on a beautful sunny morning. Behind them is a huge pond where people play with electric boats, a big castle and you can even see the rows of yellow flowers in pot plants along the edges. Look, it was just cool ok?

Barcelona Arc De Triomf

The OTHER Arc De Triomf, in Barcelona. I just like this photo.

Steph & Bron

Steph and Bron. More Canadians. Canadians are lovely, I tell you. I really want to go now. Here we are at a fancy-ish restaraunt in Plaza Real, just off Las Ramblas in Barcelona. Those lamp posts in the background were one of Gaudi’s first works. Don’t I seem clever? (thanks Steph).

La Sagrada Familia and Me

Me at La Sagrada Familia, the church designed by Gaudi that they ave been building for 100 years and could well take 100 more. The ambition of it is simply amazing. Makes the Killers look lo fi. Over produced is the key word. But I like it. In fact I love it. I love crazy old men. And Gaudi takes the cake.

Madrid Palace & Me

So finally, here we are in Madrid. It rained almost the whole time. It was a bit of a shambles to tell the truth. This was taken at Palacio Real, which was built almost 50 years before a british guy in a boat stumbled upon Botany Bay.

Please note the new sweater I am sporting in some of these shots.

Mischa Barton randomly in Madrid

Now, finally, Mischa Barton. I wrote about what happened elsewhere on this blog, but here’s the photographic proof. We didn’t touch elbows though.


14 Strangers on the Seine

Paris Chinstroke 14 Paris Chinstroke 13 Paris Chinstroke 12 Paris Chinstroke 11 Paris Chinstroke 10 Paris Chinstroke 9 Paris Chinstroke 8

Paris Chinstroke 7 Paris Chinstroke 6 Paris Chinstroke 5 Paris Chinstroke 4 Paris Chinstroke 3 Paris Chinstroke 2 Paris Chinstroke 1

So please allow me to be poetic for a second. It is Paris after all.

So somehow we all found ourselves in the same place. 14 solo travellers, no friendship more than a few days old. It was and will be the only night all of us would be together.

And I had a wonderful night. All of us from such different backgrounds and personalities, and each of us looking for the same thing.

It was only day 4 for me on this journey overseas and think you for sharing it with me. Hopefully I’ll see you again…