I’ve decided to devote 2011 to a year of Digital Writing. Covering all aspects – consumers to creators, history to future, established and original ideas.

You can find a collection of all the articles here.

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Week 1: Internet Killed The Video Star: The future of Film Clips
Week 2: To Infinity and Beyond: Google Maps and the Infinite Canvas.
Week 3: Adapt or Die – is USB the new AC/DC?
Week 4: Hanging on the VOIP – or why isn’t the telephone dead already?
Week 5: I Want My D2C – how can instant TV work?
Week 6: Reading Up on digital text
Week 7: The real second life – Digital data after you die.
Week 8: The Spotify Jukebox Idea
Week 9: The Hardest Button to Button – Reinventing the keyboard
Week 10: Let’s All Turn On – Loading time woes.
Week 11: Close To You – the open and closed debate, and do we care?
Week 12: I’m So Tired – Digital fatigue and retirement
Week 13: Lost In Translation – The Treachery Of English
Week 14: took a week off
Week 15: Rip It Up – Time to become paperless
Week 16: Up In the Air – The Battle for Cloud Computing
Week 17: Why We Pirate – The Big Debate
Week 18: Bandcamp – taking MySpace further
Week 19: Wrapped Up in eBooks – the Australian side.
Week 20: Wi-Fi Ways – ISPs, Telcos and who is giving us the internet?
Week 21: iPod Classic – the whiz kid, now the black sheep
Week 22: Radio, Radio – The TuneIn App and International Broadcasting
Week 23: Close Your Eyes – the flagging power of advertising and clickthroughs
Week 24: Ten Questions about iCloud from a music fan
Week 25: Pay Your Money Down – the fear of the Scam App Store.
Week 26: I’m Looking Thru You: Movies vs TV vs more
Week 27: DC Comics and Doing Digital Right
Week 28: Here’s To the Future: Extreme Computing Today
Week 29: took a week off
Week 30: Live Forever – Sequels, Reunions, Franchises and the never ending story.
Week 31: Wait A Minute Mr Postman – The Problem With Email
Week 32: …?

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