I am the proud owner of a new Macbook. I got a white one, because black just looked like a PC. So goodbye old Dell crazy thing, with your angry screen. I’m up to date with things like Messenger and Skype too. Most importantly, I can finally upload some of the photos I’ve taken.

A Bahlam Christmas

Tim, who along with Marianne were my first hosts in London. He is putting together the Christmas tree I got to know very well.


Emily, and her store. We worked together at Warners and now both find ourselves in London in the same point in our lives. I will have big news about her soon, but so far we have been loving Wagamamas.

Nick and Dave again

Nick and Dave, last seen in Paris, chilling on the couch. They crashed with me for a few days before Dave returned to Canada and Nick slowly makes his way to Sydney of all places.

Tate Modern Super Slide

Watching myself disappear

A couple of photos from the tremendous Tate Modern museum. I know Nick found it frustrating, as did I in many places. But I loved the wankery of it, the art as ideas only part. I wont wank on, but the first shot is of the series of slides that you can go on in the main entrance hall. The second in a series of automatic doors made of mirrors.

Simon's birhday

Back in Paris again for Simon’s birthday. We actually ran into eachother in the streets on Monmartre, near the Sacre Coeur, my spiritual heart of Paris. From left to right there’s Adam, Simon’s brother who’s apartment this photo was taken. Chris, who Simon met at a tourist office when travelling through Europe last. Simon sits next to Joan, his mum who along with Adam treated her to this trip. Far right, Swedish Pete, who along with Swedish Tom (not pictured) joined a random crew for a big random night.

Snow mobile

It's like a blank page

Finally, it snowed in London as January faded. It was such a wonderful thing, this blanket of magic light that covered everything, put everyone in a good mood and made us amazed at the world we lived in. Or at least it did for me. 1) The car outside the building I live in. 2) Em and the snowman that was a group effort amongst the office staff.

Hopefully it wont be that long before another photo update.

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