Here’s a bunch of stuff that’s been happening:

Pyke Band Jam

Josh Pyke continues to tour here a lot. Here he is with James Lees, sitting around at Balfour Manor. sorry to Hawker who I think we called during our drunken night.

He's Behind You!

Went to this year’s Mojo awards and had a blast! Belinda Carlise. Alice Cooper. Arcade Fire. Bjork. Iggy Pop. Damon Albarn. And in the photo behind me, Noel Gallagher.

Emily and Me

Emily left Warners but it hasn’t stopped us from seeing far too much of eachother still. This weird shot was taken at her farewell.

The Earls Court Tardis

I have decided I am in love with the new series of Doctor Who. One of the more crazy things about it is the TARDIS, which the Doctor claims can just fade into the background and no one would notice. Well, Jeanette and I have both passed this Police Box in Earl’s Court many times and only just noticed it one drizzly morning on the way to Dublin. The Doctor was right.

Jeanette At Trinity College, Dublin

REM - Olympia Theatre

Me and Oscar Wilde

1. Jeanette at Trinity College
2. REM live at the Olympia Theatre, opening night
3. One of history’s greatest wits, and a statue of Oscar Wilde

David Tennant at Live Earth

More Doctor Who, this time at Live Earth, where he introduced the Pussycat Dolls. I was more excited about the Doctor, really. Spinal Tap, Madonna, Beastie Boys and the Foo Fighters were all fantastic.

The Balfour Family

Jodie, on the left, left us for home. The end of an era and we miss her heaps.

Julie And Julian Wright

Two work colleagues. Actual names – Julie Wright, and Julian Wright. No relation.

Bec and Butler

One of so many random nights at home. Bec Couche having a lot of fun. Emily not so much.

My new Bike

My new bike. Well it’s old, and a present from Torsten. I’ve decided to name him Gerald, after the mouse in the Pink Floyd song ‘Bike’.

Nicole and Isabelle, Prince

Nicole and Isabelle at the O2, for the opening night of Prince.

Olivia and Nathan, Simpsons Movie Premiere

Olivia and Nathan, outside the weird Springfield recreation FOX made for the Simpsons Movie Premiere.

Monty Davis

Finally, the newest member of our team, Monty Davis, son of Sian. Mark and Julian look on as David holds the big guy. Monty looks very happy with life in this photo.


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