Me and Moriaty
One of history’s greatest villains. And a wax statue of Moriaty.

It’s coming on summer, they aren’t cutting down the trees, and I figured better than doing a whole lot of explaining (like my brother Vince would), I would let these pictures speak a thousand words.

Jay, Josh and Natalie
Jay, Josh and Natalie @ the Borderline

Asho & Ali
Asho and Ali @ Barfly

Nathan And Andy Clockwise
Nathan & Andy Clockwise

Tim in a phonebooth
Tim Byron in a phonebooth

Sophie & Ash
Sophie and Ash

A nice flow of friends have been coming through London. I don’t feel like a tourist anymore. Josh Pyke, a very talented and hairy singer, and an old mate, has come and played in London several times. Asho, a great old friend has breezed in and out as well. Andy Clockwise, who I barely knew in Sydney, spent some time in London, and some time drunk on my couch. tim Byron, ex Reservations keyboardist, came for a visit of universities, and spent some days in London. Two of my oldest, dearest friends, Sophie and Ash, jetted here for gigs and time off. I think we laughed the whole time.

Before Sunset
C’est moi et Erin, dans Paris

Paul and Ann on the Seine
Paul & Ann

I have done very little travelling in the last few months. A quick stop in Paris to visit Paul and Ann who were on holidays there. I love Paris so much. Erin and I recreated the movie Before Sunset one morning. Look at us chatting away about intense topics.

Emily and Isabelle
Emily and Isabelle, striking a pose

Nick, Nathan and Jodie
Nick, Nathan and Jodes

We had a party at my house and it was a great night. Above, Emily and Isabelle striking a pose. Also, Nick, Nathan and Jodes the morning after. I had a wonderful moment at the party, thinking I got to London with nothing, and built this life for myself. It was great.

My Desk June 2007
My desk, circa May 2007

It’s changed quite a bit since then, but I thought it was funny. I will update this as time passes.

More actual proper ‘what I’ve been doing’ type updates coming soon.

Why not smile

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