So back to our regular programing for a second…the second installment of my photos from Europe. This time, Prague.

Me in Prague
Me in Wenceslas Square, Prague

So I got to Prague by plane from Brussels. Getting off the plane and onto the bus, I met 5 really nice guys from New york. We spent most of my time in Prague drinking, with me dragging along anyone I could find from the hostel.

NY Friends drinking in Prague
l-r: Nate, Ian, Alex, George, Chris, Sarah, Alex number 2, all from NY

I wasn’t prepared for how beautiful Prague was. Simply put, no one told me.

Lennon Wall, Prague

Vltava, Prague

Me at the Astronomical Clock

Prague Castle Steps

Me, St Vitus Cathedral, Prague

Prague Castle at Night

Random Pretties

1. The John Lennon Wall. Still not sure why John Lennon has a wall here, and it’s just graffiti, scribbles and things from local youths. At least they are being political and optimistic with their graffiti. Good on ’em.
2. The view of the Vltava river from St Charles Bridge. I had a beautiful moment just standing there looking at the world one afternoon.
3. The somewhat Back To the Future Part 3-esque Astronomical Clock at the Old Square.
4. Steps leading up to Prague Castle
5. St Vitus Catherdal, within the castle walls
6. The Prague Castle itself, but at night, looking over the main city. So beautiful I cannot describe. This photo does it no justice.

Brian, Adam, Prague

Adam's Lego Joker and Batman

More drinking buddies. Above, Brian and Adam. Below, Batman and the Joker.

Prague Dancers

I was already completely in love with this city when I stumbled onto this at the Old Town Square. A bunch of beautiful women doing a marching baton dance. To an instrumetal version of my favourite musical ever – My Fair Lady. I was clapping and hooting like a maniac with just pure joy, as the sun shone and the military band played: I’m Getting Married In the Morning, With A Little Bit Of Luck and I Could Have Danced All Night.

Kafka and Me

An artist greatly under-appreciated in his own time, and a statue of Frank Kafka.

Dancing Building, Me

Finally, my fave thing in Prague. The Dancing House by Frank Gehry. From the other angle, it looks like Fred Astaire holding Ginger Rogers as her skirt spins in a dance. It’s awesome.

I took so many more photos, these are but the highlights. More on Flickr. But even a billion photos cannot describe how much I loved every second in Prague. I can’t wait to go again.


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  1. Prague is without a doubt my favorite city in Europe (that I have visited). It is simply amazing. There is so much to see and do here, and the atmosphere is incredible that just being in the city and walking through its streets is worth the trip alone. I was impressed with the scenery and the friendliness of everyone in the city. I was equally impressed at the low cost of Prague hotels and of course beer and took advantage of this as often as possible.Prague was my first stop in a trip through Europe and was definitely the highlight. I was happy I had to pass through here again at the end of my trip to catch my flight back to Chicago and made sure I enjoyed every second of it.

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