Finally back in Wi Fi land. Here are some photos now that my laptop is back in almost top form.

Lisa & Kim

This is Lisa (left) and Kim (right), from Melbourne Australia. They kept me laughing from Paris to Madrid. They also kept me up with a couple of rather late nights.

Barcelona Birds

As expected, the Spanish birds are all over me. Is there an emoticon for the drum thing that happens when someone makes a crap joke?

Nick & Dave

Nick and Dave from Canada. We hung out in Paris together and they are two of the most head-screwed-on 19 year olds I’ve met. Most people under 20 I’ve met have been knobs of the highest order. And as Nick noted, there’s not that many of them anyway. Maybe people are travelling later in life now.

This photo was taken at the gorgeous Jardin Du Luxembourg, on a beautful sunny morning. Behind them is a huge pond where people play with electric boats, a big castle and you can even see the rows of yellow flowers in pot plants along the edges. Look, it was just cool ok?

Barcelona Arc De Triomf

The OTHER Arc De Triomf, in Barcelona. I just like this photo.

Steph & Bron

Steph and Bron. More Canadians. Canadians are lovely, I tell you. I really want to go now. Here we are at a fancy-ish restaraunt in Plaza Real, just off Las Ramblas in Barcelona. Those lamp posts in the background were one of Gaudi’s first works. Don’t I seem clever? (thanks Steph).

La Sagrada Familia and Me

Me at La Sagrada Familia, the church designed by Gaudi that they ave been building for 100 years and could well take 100 more. The ambition of it is simply amazing. Makes the Killers look lo fi. Over produced is the key word. But I like it. In fact I love it. I love crazy old men. And Gaudi takes the cake.

Madrid Palace & Me

So finally, here we are in Madrid. It rained almost the whole time. It was a bit of a shambles to tell the truth. This was taken at Palacio Real, which was built almost 50 years before a british guy in a boat stumbled upon Botany Bay.

Please note the new sweater I am sporting in some of these shots.

Mischa Barton randomly in Madrid

Now, finally, Mischa Barton. I wrote about what happened elsewhere on this blog, but here’s the photographic proof. We didn’t touch elbows though.


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