Some lovely pics from my lovely time in Krakow last month.

Wawel Hill

Me at Wawel Hill, and the wonderful storybook like castle grounds.

The Wawel Dragon

Heading down from Wawel Hill you can find the Wawel Dragon. Legend has it that it did something once and it was cool. Now it’s a tacky tourist thing and actually BREATHES FIRE. Sigh. They ruin sudh good stuff.

Auschwitz Entrance

Auschwitz Death Wall

Auschwitz 2: Birkenau

Aushwitz and Birkenau, the famous Nazi concentration camps. I am so fascinated by modern history, and this was one fo the big draws for me for Krakow. Such a harrowing, somber expreienc to walk through there.

1. Entrance to Auschwitz 1.
2. The execution wall at Auschwitz 1.
3. The entrance of Auschwitz 2, also known as Birkenau.

Oscar Schindler's factory

Interest in war stuff continued when I found Oscar Schindler’s factory. I had a surreal afternoon there fixing a projector and walking through the abondoned ruins, and buying batteries. I’ll tell you about it sometime. It’s probably my best travel story yet.

Rynek Glowny

Tessa & Sarah

St Mary's Church, Krakow

It wasn’t all doom and gloom in Krakow. It is such a beautiful place and the people were just wonderful. Best was he town square called Rynek Glowny.

1. Rynek Glowny, and the building in the middle called Cloth Hall.
2. Tessa and Sarah, friends from the Hostel
3. St Mary’s at night. Lopsided funny church that is also in Rynek Glowny.

I loved Krakow. If you go, stay at the Orange Hostel. They were so good to me.


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