I like the fact that this blog, started almost a year ago now, has gone from a travel blog, a loose philosophy blog, the inevitable music blog, a few poems and will now be an accident recovery blog.

So I’m home after my accident. I’m doing fine.

It’s day one and I’m pretty much living in my room. Nathan found a disused wheelchair in the street (we live near a hospital) and decided to bring it home. Some people questioned why, but it’s come in mighty handy today. I’m been on it, bouncing around the room. Going from the toilet (I have an ensuite, thank god), to my desk, my CD racks, my tall boy and my bed. Quite efficient really. Also, the keyboard stands Josh Pyke left at my house to look after make good handles. One sits either side of the toilet, and I can climb on them. Brilliant.

The only thing I cannot do quite right is stairs. Which means I can’t get downstairs, to the front door or the kitchen. So food is a challenge. As is opening the door for people.So I can’t even recieve couriers or mail. It’s something I hope to look at conquering this week.

But it is so good to be home. Did some work today. Replied to some emails but I’m still behind. Caught up on the news and cleaned the room a bit to give myelf more room. Talked to my folks. It’s all going to work out I think.

Me in Emergency

Above is me barrely two hours after the accident. I healthy reminder to look left and look right. And lets not forget look left again.


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  1. Oh dear Danny, I hope you get better ASAP. Take it easy dude!Things have been a bit hectic for me here, but it ain’t the time for me to write about it now. Keep well over there on the other side of the world.

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