They say such nice things about people at funerals that it makes me sad to realise that I’m going to miss mine by just a few days.

– Garrison Keillor

Everyone has been so nice.

Having watched far too much Scrubs, or indeed, just pop culture, it’s weird to step into a hospital and feel cliche. You think of flowers as dorky, cards as tacky.

But they aren’t. I love everything I’ve gotten. I don’t know when I last needed my friends to show me they love me, but they certainly came through. I don’t know how to react.

It made me think of the quote above, which I only learnt two weeks ago from a girl in Krakow. And I’m glad I didn’t have to die before my friends said some nice things to me.

The medical update is as follows. I have gone from dead, to not being able to use my spine, to a fractured hip, a foot and a torn muscle in my shoulder. That leaves one limb unharmed – my right arm. Insert jokes here.

They’ve checked everything and that’s all they’ve found. They’ve looked at those three areas quite a bit and still haven’t decided on a course of action. I’m comfy and all, but I really want to know. I’m mentally preparing to kick up a stink today.

I’ve spent so much time in hospitals, but never as an adult, staying in a long period. Funny to watch the schedule. Breakfast at 8. Sheets at 9. Rounds at 10. Lunch at 1. Visitors at 3. Dinner at 6. Lights out at 10.

My parents are doing fine with everything. I have friends here and Australia helping me in all ways. Lots of people have dropped by. My nurse kids that I have a small library and chocolate shop here.

Talked to many people over the last few days. I’m feeling loved, which is the bottom line. One of the last people I talked to was Bec, my dear muffin. And it took me ages to find her, so by the time I got through to her, it felt like I was calling for the first time.

I’m good, emotionally. I’m optimistic physically. More news soon.


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