At 11:30pm on September 4, I was leaving work after a couple of drinks with colleagues. I walked out, a little woozy, yes, and saw my bus across the road.

The bus was blocking both lanes of northbound traffic, so when there was a break in the southbound traffic, I made a dash for it.

Unfortunately, a taxi decided to do an overtake of the bus. I smashed right into the middle of the taxi, going at 30 miles an hour, and ended up almost 10 metres from the point of impact.

I remember seeing the taxi. Just the split second before it hit me. And I had so many thoughts. How do I get out of this? This is what a car crash is going to be like. This could be the big one.

I did not black out according to others, but I can’t remember anything but being on the floor next.

Right in the middle of Kensington Church St. I was in shock. When my mind started to clear a little, I screamed. I could not move. I didn’t know where my guts were. My legs could have been in Holland Park for all I knew.

Then the pain hit. And I screamed again.

I owe it all to Gary, another cabbie and a volunteer firefighter. He made sure I kept still, got my details off me before I became totally incoherent, checked my spine and neck quickly and most importantly, he held my hand and told me it was going to be ok.

The Police and the ambulance are a blur. I remember being put in the stretcher and being taken away. I remember thinking of Batman being in an ambulance in a comic I have.

The Ambulance people later told me that they were called in for a fatal. They brought body bags.

I remember them cutting through my jeans thinking, those are good scissors to cut through denim. Even delirious, I took off my leather jacket so they wouldn’t cut that.

I was taken to St Mary’s hospital, and was strapped down hard so I could not damage anything further. My Doctor, Will, and my nurse, Lizzie, could not have treated me better.

We had to do several Xrays at the base of my spine and my neck. It looked as if there may have been fractures there. And as much as I could feel someone squeezing my foot when asked, all I could really feel was pins and needles. I totally thought I would lose my legs.

The Xrays gave me the all clear in the neck and spine department. They did find fractures in my left hip. It hurts like nothing I’ve ever felt before.

Later they discovered I broke some bones in my right foot. They put me on pain killers, and after 7 painful hours, let me out of my neck brace. I have been napping all day and in my drowsy state it feels like the neck brace is still there.

I was taken away from Emergency then and put in a bed. Today, I have been doing further Xrays before they decide on a course of action.

The problem is the hip, which destroys my motor functions below the waste. I can’t even get into a wheelchair. Also, if the damage is significant enough, they may have to operate.

I hope not. I was very silly, but I’ve been lucky so far. Very lucky. Being hit by a car front on? And no permanent scars and maybe a funny hip forever. That’s nothing.

Even my bag with my laptop, camera, glasses, ipod and all survived. Well the bag is wrecked but the insides are ok.

All my London friends have really stepped up and looked after me. I have a fresh set of pyjamas for tonight, bunch of mags, and plenty of emails wishing me the best.

I am going to be ok. Which is nothing short of extraordinary.


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  1. Good message mate – Really well written. I had no idea it was that serious but sounds like you are going to get away really lightly which is brilliant news. Also – this is possibly a massive blessing in disguise – because a lot of girls who thought that they had losts DANNY WOW – now have a chance to pledge their undying love! Get well soon bro! x

  2. Is this where I pledge my undying love? Hee hee, just kidding, but seriously Danny, you are really lucky. I am glad you see it that way to. For a second while reading your blog, I got a tear in my eye thinking ‘what if’, but then I came back to reality and thought, ‘hey, but this is what is, and he is going to be fine, although in pain’. I think it will amuse you eventually to think back on those Batman ambulance thoughts and leather jacket protection.Keep up your positive attitude, xoxo,Judie

  3. Hey Dan,Jason Walker here – MATE! Berloody ‘ell! I flipped out when I heard about you getting in the way of a black cab – those fuckers can really move. I’m really glad to hear that you are okay and healing slowly. The Drinks send their best and love to you! As for me, a big hug to you. All the best. Jase

  4. Jeez Danny – I’m glad you’re ok. Not that I’m into that sort of thing but all your good karma certainly been paid back to you. I feel awkward tell you this on your blog – but it’s probably the best way to contact you. I genuinely hope you have a speedy recovery. See you soon.

  5. Hi Danny,What a story! That must be the most aptly names blog title I’ve ever read. I hope you are back on your feet soon and publishing more of you great stories. Take care!Sarah

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