for Kim and Lisa

Just like every girl I’ve ever met
She had the names for her kids all set
Two seconds and a first for two boys and a girl
All future husbands will just have to accept

Funny how a name can recur through a life
I refer to experience that they’re all alike
Good guys named Ben and sweethearts named Em
Familiar names tend to make good friends

Remember the time we found that book in that store
Written by somebody with the same name as yours
If I ever meet someone with her exact name
It would only kick up old feelings again

I’ve never met anyone with that name before
Your folks were inspired when you were born
It echoes in my head and it’s so pretty to say
I want to write it on my pencil case


2 Comments on Names For Kids

  1. Hey, my husband will get a say….I just won’t necessarily listen. He’d have to make a pretty convincing case to talk me out of Layla, that’s all I’m saying.

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