Oh, hi there.

I’m about to rant. So might be a good time to press ‘back’ or something.

There’s that famous Ian Mackaye quote about indie rock in the 90s, where he said the conversations changed from the music to the business (who’s supportig who, who’s signed to what etc).

Somehow the conversations have changed on me. It might be cos of Spain.

The conversations the last few nights have been about where you’re from, rather than we’re you’re going.

I’m sitting here talking about the movie The Castle while an American guy tells me about hip hop culture, and a Puerto Rico guy tells me about Spanish. I really want to be a Louvin Brother and ask these people when did they stop dreaming? Did you come all this way to tell me about where you’re from?

Maybe in Paris it was different. People ceded themselves to te city. There as a pomise here. It was less of a party town. This Spainish party life…it feels like it makes us all feel less special.

You know, talking about hip hop, I can tell you one of the things I love about hip hop, is that it makes equals out of us. Sort of. The few hip hop shows I’ve been to, there’s certainly a greter mix of people than the influx of 20ish midle class whites that make up 90 percent of indie rock clubs. But here I am at the negative side of that. Everyone here is so boring.

Ok that’s maybe a bit harsh. I just know I’ve been talking to people for the last two hours and i felt like I haven’t gotten to know anyone here at all. This wasn’t how it was last week, when it seemed I made 14 life long friends in one night.

The conversations have changed and maybe it’s time to find a new bar.

Madrid (the place I’ve been writing so much cos there’s so much time to, and I’m so inspired to catalogue the details of it, Raymond Carver style)

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