2 Beanies

I lost a beanie in the back of Kirsty´s car earlier in the year. I only just replaced it as I got to cold in my second day in Vienna. It cost a lot more than the two Aussie dollars i´m used to. It cost $5 Euro.

It was a simple black beanie, and it was gone by the tim I left Vienna. I think I lost it as I was leaving Vienna on the way to the airport.

Beanie number two was a dark blue one, bought in Monmartre markets for a cheaper $4 euro. I had it with me getting off the plane in Copenhagen, but had lost it by the time of the shuttle bus from the airport.

I lose a couple of beanies every year and I think it´s because I buy very sensible dark blue or black colours. If I had a wacky purple one, I´d be set.

Anyway, I got another black one in Monmartre and it´s safely in front of me as I type. I´ve been using it like a pouch or my bindle. I usually have a drink of my cigarettes and my lonely planet in it, if it´s no too cold.

1 Glove

When I got the first beanie, I got a pair of black gloves. I only had one after a night of dancing in Vienna. I tried to look for it the next morning at the bar but to no avail. I still have the lone glove, and I don´t know why.

My glasses

The last thing I decided to pack was a pair of glasses. I don´t like wearing glasses and try not to, but I thought they might come in handy and they very much have. I´m looking at a lot of tiny maps and a lot of inscriptions and captions about artwork. Oh and big buildings that are very tall.

So I was gutted when I left them in Paris. Luckily Ben found them and they were happy and safe and waiting for me in Paris. I spent three days without them and realised how good they are.

(I still don´t like them. I brought with me my very first pair, that I´ve had since 15, when I love Graham Coxon. Of the half a dozen pair of glasses I´ve had in my life, they are one of two I have not broken)

By my count, at least two pairs of socks

I´ve taken the approach that if I´m rushing to pack and it´s late and there are socks on teh ground of the hostel room, I´m hoping they aren´t mine cos they look a bit gross. I´m starting to think some of them were mine, I´m pretty bad/good at leaving my socks and shoes everywhere as it is. Hopefully I can find some cheap shitty socks in Madrid.

My favourite jumper

The one in most of the photos. The one I got in Melbourne, blue white and red stripes. I left it in Paris somewhere. This caused me quite a bit of distress. It´s probably my favourite article of clothing. I have no idea how I lost it, it must have just been very, very careless, but I love that jumper. I´m trying to think of how I could have lost it but I can´t think of how I would not have been taking care of it.

So, in my depression, I bought a new stripey jumper in Barcelona (brown and orange). Almost bought two to make up for it. Anyway, it´s the first real major purchase on my trip. We spent the day together, my new jumper and I.

Luckily, with great pleasure, I´m happy to say Judie has found the old one and it´s waiting for me in Paris.


I was lost in Barcelona for a few hours but I was ok.

So that´s it. Not too bad so far. I´m very surprised I haven´t lost my sunglasses yet. There´s still time.

Danny Yau

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