Good afternoon from sunny Barcelona. Here´s an update.

Last week I spent a couple of wonderful days in Copenhagen. The sun was already starting to set by 4pm there so most of the days were actually nights. Visited Christiania and lots of big palaces and churches. It was a lot smaller than Paris etc, and hence only had a handful of things to brag about, but in a lot of ways it made it more charming.

Hans Christian Anderson and Me

Hans Christian Anderson is big in Copehagen

The biggest thing in Copenhagen is Hans Christian Anderson. There ae statues of him, a restored room where he once lived, his documents on display and even a statue of the Little Mermaid herself by a pier.

Best thing about Copenhagen was of course, hanging out with Alicia, and being looked after a bit.

Oh I met a wonderful couple on the plane to Copenhagen who had just been to Paris recreating their honeymoon on the eve of their 50th anniversary. How cool is that?

Then it´s been Paris again for a few days where I think I totally managed to avoid anything touristy really. Still so much Ive yet to explore óf Paris. But on the other hand I feel so at home in Paris already. Judy and I went swimming. We´ve found favourite food haunts, and just gotten a nice rhythm there.

I did go to the freaky ass Catacombs though. If you don´t know, it´s an excavated mass grave from when the plague hit Paris (I think). They dug up existing grave for new bodies, and the old bodies were piled underground. But the bones and things were used to make these bizarre tunnels. The walls of these tunnels were bones and skulls. It´s claustrophobic, you´re breathing in bone, you´re so far underground and the sign that some sick fuck put as you enter translates to Here Lies the Empire of the Dead and they aren´t kidding. I was fine up until the end where you have to walk a narrow staircase back out and I was stuck behind an old man who needed to stop every couple of steps. That´s when I almost lots it, I thought I was never getting out, I couldn´t breathe and I didn´t want to lean against the wall, god knows what it´s made of. The whole thing only lasted an hour but it´s probably the best thing I´ve seen.

In brighter news, met a couple of wonderful Australian girls here, Kim and Lisa from Melboure and they´ve made me feel both at home and has cured a little of my homesickness. It´s funny because we had this instant level of comfort. Check out Lisa´s blog called Insert Cool Travel Blog Name Here which I´ve linked to on the right there.

Which is odd that I find myself in Spain right now. It was somewhat last second but not last second enough. I really wanted to stay in Paris but I had this trip booked a couple of days earlier so here I am in Barcelona, waiting for my laundry. Haven´t really seen much of the place, although Beth and I walked pretty much the whole place last night, but that´s fine.

Looks like I´m going to go to Madrid after that…then maybe Prague? Who knows. I just want to go back to Paris really.

I guess that´s a bit of a boring update but I will write more soon. I have been doing quite a bit of writing anyway. You know, I need to fina a bed and beakfast in the countryside somewhere and just write. Maybe Madrid will be good for that.

Last thing – keyboards are crazy in continental europe. They´re only different in ten or so keys but it´s really annoying. That is all.

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