I only have 8 minutes left on this internet access here and I just wanted to say a quick hello to whoever’s out there.

Here’s a quick snapshot of where my head is at…it’s been eye opening all the time, been thinking lots about life, love and the eternal pursuit of happiness. I had the opportunity to make a wish on something last week and I looked deep into my soul, flipping through my random wishes about records, girls, work and whatever, and landed on one, the one wish, that surprised even me.

6 minutes.

There’s so much death here. Graveyards and paintings. It’s a bit intense. Have not been doing very much writing at all, but I sat down and wrote heaps today.

Been getting a tad homesick, but maybe more for the stability of a working life. Oh, I complain that I never lived the loose fast life style of the uni student, that I left 19-22 behind somewhere and skipped straight til the 30s…and as much as I’m enjoying life right now, it seems that maybe I missed it the first time for a reason.

Looking forward to the UK.

Met lots and lots of great people. Crushes on buildings and people almost every second.

Flying to Barcelona in the morning, with no plans at all. Should be fun. Only slightly shitting myself.

Less than 3 minutes to go so I better say goodbye.


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