Empire Of the Sun
Empire Of the Sun

Technology is moving forward so quickly, and so many bands and artists are trying new things. It’s why this site exists. Our new favourite oddity is the latest video from Empire Of the Sun.

For their We Are The People video, the band have created an Interactive Video. It lives here – once it finally loads. It seems to take a while.

Links is video have started to take hold. They are all over embedded videos on Youtube, with links to outside sites, to buy CDs or other items. Big ugly banners covering the poor resolution video. Sound quality doesn’t matter. Why should video?

But Empire Of the Sun have made something creative out of this idea. The Australian duo are starting to become hot property worldwide. For their new video for We Are The People, little orbs appear throughout the clip. Clicking on the orbs lead you to extended footage, behind the scene stuff, and goodies to enter a competition. One link even leads you to an MP3 of their last single, Walking On A Dream, remixed by Van She.

It sounds slightly better than it is. The orbs look to be tacked into the clip, and not a part of it. The video player lacks any controls, meaning once you click on something, you’re out of that page. It doesn’t make for a very good viewing experience. The film clip itself is pretty wow. The band have a great image, and set in the backdrop of Spain – it’s just weird and looks great.

So is this the future, a new trend, or a one off? It’s a pretty cool gimmick, but we can’t imagine this setting a new bar for music videos. Maybe we’re wrong. Right now though, we’re going to watch the clip again, make sure we didn’t miss anything.

Empire Of the Sun Official site – http://empireofthesunsound.com/ – there is yet another free Walking On A Dream remix on offer.

We Are the People Interactive video – http://empireofthesunsound.com/wearethepeople

2 Comments on Empire Of the Sun’s Interactive Video

  1. Who ever wrote this article..needs to do there research a little more ..sorry to say but the video clip was NOT shot in Spain but in Mexico..big difference. And i have to mention i love the idea of the interactive video..very creative and great marketing. Empire of the Sun are in a league of their own..well done !!

  2. Let’s focus more on the fact that the two dinkuses who make up Empire of the Sun are absolutely the most pretentious, self-important and grandiloquent weenises I’ve ever laid eyes on. I don’t mind the music, but their affected insistence in carrying on like they’re some sort of ingenious artistic collective is utterly devoid of charm, substance or truth.

    I think the word I’m looking for is ‘wankers’.

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