Finally, some alone time with a proper computer.

I am in Krakow after a wonderful time in Prague. I just fell so in love with Prague. My first night, when it rained, I braced it to find some food. And turned a left and looked right and found this random gorgeous boulevard, leading up to the magnificent Museum. In the sparkling rain it was very magical.

I met some great people in Prague, people I will keep in touch with. First and foremost my New York friends, and getting pretty close to betting Chris would throw up on St Charles Bridge. We had some massive nights. And the afternoon I sat in a bar and wasted a lovely afternoon getting drunk with Adam, discussing a lot of Tom Waits.

My favourite memory of Prague comes from the Castle. If you do not know, Prague is divided by a river with the Castle, high up, looking over the town. It looks gorgeous at night, by the way, all lit up (I have plenty of photos that I will share). But out front of the Castle are these well kept gorgeous gardens, that look over the entire city.

It’s been hot all week, and I was walking through these gardens, sweating. I walked right through a courtyard in the middle, spotted a pretty girl, suspiciously on her own, without a book or an ipod. Sunnies on, just smiling. I walked past her to get to a fountain to wash my face and turned back, and like the fairy tale end of a movie, this good looking dude walks up from over the horizon, and greets her. They hug. They kiss. On a gorgeous day looking over the whole city, that I have decided is the most gorgeous spot in the world. Were they locals? Were they long separeted lovers? I don’t know. I almost took a photo but that would have been weird.

So I didn’t even do all the things I wanted to do in Prague but I will be back. And sadly I left, caught a train to Krakow. Met some great people on the train. Just the usual…where are you from? What do you do? Essentially, who are you and what are you about?

There was a frighteneing moment when I couldn’t find my passport, and the long train journey wore me out. Finally made it to the Orange Hostel, where I was supposed to meet Judie but am now 9 months too late.

(Sorry Jubes, all the people you knew here are gone. Aga is now a stewardess and very happy, though)

Had drinks tonight with two lovely random girls I met in the square and then went to a club with people at the hostel. Needless to say, I’m really loving it. And I’ve only been here 6 hours or so.

Tomorrow it’s a bright morning start for some serious sight seeing. Couple more days, then back to Brussels and home. I can barely remember work. But it will be good to lie in my own bed again.

It is 1:30 and I’m decalring it an early night. I will bore you with more later.


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