Once again, I’m caught in Europe on a Sunday. There is nothing to do so I do whatever.

The Jacques Brel Museum was closed and will be tomorrow. Such a shame I don’t think I’ll see it.

I did see two wonderful Museums. One was Musee Royaux Des Beaux-Arts Belgique, ie the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Belgium. It had Rubens, and quite excitingly, James Ensor, who was the subject of a They Might Be Giants song. Most excitingly, Rene Magritte. I will write more about Magritte later.

The other is a comic museum, featuring the rich, rich history of cartoons in Belgium. Tintin and the Smurfs are the main two. Its amazing. The first floor has over a hundred original works. From comic book pages to cartoon strips. Romance comics, sci fi adventures, cowboy shoot em ups and just cartoon fantasies.

I’m a big fan of comics. Newspaper strips and comic art, and yes, American Superheroes. Where as this place had a whole floor showing the evolution of comics, American mainstream stuff has stood still.

This place had a whole floor dedicated to comic’s evolution. Both visually and thematically. Where as in the US you have to bend at the altar of Stan Lee, and any speaking out against him and his style is treachery. You must have screaming damsels. You must have cackling villians. You must have an alliterated name. I hate Stan Lee.

Otherwise Belgiums been lovely. I’m meeting someone I met last night and we’re going to see some French folk music. Tomorrow will be the music instrument museum then off to Prague. Right now I’m at Ste Catherine, downing Hoegaardens and wondering if I’ll be able to buy more socks today.

I doubt it.


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