I’m staying in a terrible hostel in Brussels.

Why do I keep choosing the cheapest ones. I think maybe I can afford a better range of Hostel. Note to self. what really should have given it away was the name. Youth Hostel Van Gogh. It’s just one of those names that international travellers will recognise. I just put one euro in this machine and you only get 12 minutes. Ripped off. Oh well.

So it’s a very strange feeling travelling again. Last time I really did this, I kind of had nothing else to go back to. Now I do, and I miss home, my current home, already.

But I’m getting back into the spirit of it. It’s kind of like putting yourself in an elastic band and just shoot yourself off. It’s random and fun and the aim is to just keep going. Manage to forget the battery for my camera and a European adapter. Argh.

I’m liking Brussels so far, although I have not done much. Wasted some time in record shops. There’s free music in the Town Square tonight so I will go check it out. Saw some lady truly destroy an Alanis Morrisette song earlier. And it’s a little bit quieter than what I’m used to. I might buy some shoes. And there’s a FNAC here, and those places are always good.

Will hit a couple of cafes on Isabelle’s list and check out the Jacque Brel Museum if I get the chance. And get a Tintin t-shirt. But you know, really looking forward to some serious sitting in a park time too.


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