So the arrival of Lisa and Kim has sparked off a big slog of tourist activity. Not that I laid too low before then.

Lisa and Kim at Buckingham Palace
l-r: Lisa and Kim at Buckingham Palace

For those tuning in late, Lisa and Kim are from Melbourne, Australia. We became fast friends in Paris, hung out in Spain and they’ve since been to all sorts of places, and have come back to London. What can I say about them. They’ve been keeping me entertained and making me miss Australia. They are pretty much on their return journey home, where I’m still going to be here, on my own for the holidays. In any event, it’s great to have the band back together for one last show.

Me at Abbey Road
Abbey Road

So I’m beginning to get the swing of swinging London. I feel like I’ve adjusted to the weather. It’s like swimming, just keep moving to keep warm. I’m more than fine getting around. I’ve gone back to giving people exact money and not rounding up or down to the nearest 5 cents. I know Debenhams from my Marks And Spencers.

Like I said, it’s all been a bit touristy these last few days. Palaces, parks, statues, towers, famous album covers and more. Kim took this fantastic photo of me at Trafalgar Square:

Me at Trafalgar Square
I’m lion down. Get it??

Guards in London Tower
The guards at London Tower really don’t move.

We also saw some theatre in the West End, an amazing performance of Chicago. In the foyer was a poster of Ashlee Simpson, who played Roxie but had since left. A shame. But it was amazing to see some real theatre.

It’s bittersweet though because after this weekend I rejoin the workforce and pretty much knuckle down for the holidays. Next step is to sort out banking and then getting a place, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Hope everyone’s doing well. If you haven’t gotten a postcard from me, it’s because I haven’t been manage to send even one yet.


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