The Body

The body just laid there, cold as a stone
I start staring at my shoes and pretend that I’m alone
As she’s explaining to her children who are too young to know
How a body can just lay there without it’s soul

I wonder where I can buy some funeral clothes
As I’m sitting on the train and I am crying on my own
Cos I don’t believe in heaven so there’s no place to go
For a body that is lying there without it’s soul

Bad news came from a number that wasn’t on my phone
How his heart just wasn’t in it and how it couldn’t hold
Now the things that prop me up are falling down like dominos
Around a body that is lying there without it’s soul

A grand Jewish funeral on cool day by the coast
As the rain threatens to piss down on all the gathered folks
Who have no common ground but the ground has a hole
That is shaped like a body without it’s soul

On Monday we’ll go into town and clear out his office
And you’ll see what a life look likes when it’s all packed up in boxes
I try to crack some jokes because I think that’s what he wanted
But this room seems so empty without a soul there to haunt it

Girl could you come over now, cos I’m feeling so low
I wanna be inside your body, I want to swallow up your soul
Because one day we’ll be used up and worn down to the bone
And we’re nothing but bodies without their souls

This world is mainly horrible, all we can do is cope
So it’s hard to lose one of the few things that helps us hope
And I still don’t get the science of how someone I know
Can turn into a body without a soul

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