Last week this column featured Sleevage, a site that dealt with the music sub-culture of album artwork. We continue the theme this week that talks about the world of music videos – Promo News.

It’s a home for British film clip directors (although some of those directors make clips for bands that aren’t British). It’s slant is the visuals and the art of the film clip. They love design and they love technology.

Many of the stories have words from the director as well. Valuable insights about this world and how it works. And also – it’s sometimes tough to find out who made a great film clip.

(We particularly loved reading about Dizzie Rascals great new clip).

And hey, we love film clips, and we find it interesting how technology is being used. Also, how videos even get out into the world these days – with youtube and other video players being the main places to see these things.

It’s the cutting edge of music film clips. Check out this site often. We do.