I’ve been writing songs since I was 17. Playing in bands most of that time and occasionally making albums, I have started making my fourth. (The long term plan is to be like Felt – 10 albums, 10 songs each. At this rate I should get there sometime in my fifties. ) It will once again be under the name ‘The Reservations’.

I have no aspirations for the album to sell or change my life in any way. I mainly enjoy the writing of songs. Or more accurately (and to quote Randy Newman) I like having songs written. Making an actual album has always been secondary. But it is necessary – otherwise you never finish anything.

I’m terrible at sharing info, and ironically I tell a lot of young bands out there to do just that. So, to heed my own advice, I’m trying to figure out how to write about this experience.

The decision to make an album usually comes these days of having enough for an album. I’ve been toying with certain ideas, musically and thematically, and when I have enough, it’s off on an adventure to figure out how to make it!

I’m recording with Tim Kevin in his studio in Marrickville. Tim has played in many fantastic bands and ushered many great records. I first saw Tim play in the band Hoolahan in the late 90s. I loved that band.

Right now I would say we are a little over half way through. I came in with 12 songs, intending to record 10. For various reasons we’ve lost 3 and now I’m one short. There is certainly a direct connection between writing this blog entry and delaying writing a 10th song for this record. There’s more than enough half written bits lying around to make something.

This is not a terribly insightful entry, but future entries will focus on particular aspects of this process, like choosing songs, or tracklisting, or organising musicians, etc.

Stay tuned

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