I am supporting LAZY SUSAN at the ANNANDALE HOTEL, APRIL 24th.

Joining me on the night will be Tim Byron, making it another semi-reunion for the Reservations.

LAZY SUSAN are performing the entire LONG LOST album from start to finish. It includes massive hits like Bobby Fischer, Canada and Clumsy. I used to play in Lazy Susan, and their new record, which I don’t play on, is oddly fantastic. You can listen to some tracks below, including the single Find Me A Way Back Into Your Heart.

Official website – http://www.lazy-susan.net


Those who enjoy watching me perform but hate my songs should come see The Aerial Maps. I have joined that band as extra hands to help them recreate their fantastic album The Sunset Park, which is released later this year.

My first gig is on May 7th at the Basement as part of a big night for their label Popboomerang. All the details are here – http://www.popboomerang.com

The first single, also called The Sunset Park, is below.


Finally – I will probably be performing a couple of songs by that you can download – free – here http://leapbound.wordpress.com/the-reservations

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  1. there’s an iphone App called Bump or something where you literally bump your iphones against each other and it swaps contacts as long as you’ve set it all up etc

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