Happy New Year everyone!

After 30 for 30, I’ve been trying to think of a new writing project. I’ve decided to spend a year writing columns about Digital Culture. Technology is changing our world so fast, but what does it mean for our lives culturally? From Blu-Ray to MySpace, new social media to piracy laws, iPads to broadband and more, I’ve decided to write about it.

It also seems to be the conversation I’ve been naturally having with friends. What does the future hold?

Having been a tech head for many years, and having over ten years experience in digital media, I think it’s time for me to put some of my thoughts and ideas on digital paper. And it wont just be about music either. I will cover film, books, comics, laws, trends and the internet itself.

I am going to avoid what I hate about blogs – knee jerk reaction pieces, bad research and ramblings without a point. With every column, I will try and discuss and subject, and try to make insights into the topic.

Hope you can join me on this conversation.

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