2. The Soft Pack – The Soft Pack
Heavenly Recordings

You give it a shot
Give it the time
And be surprised how far it goes.

– Answer To Yourself

2010 was a year of rock, and this little album by this little band lit that fire more than any other.

It’s an easy album to love. I have played this record to many people and from the opener C’mon, it’s all there. Four piece rock, recorded with grit, with big choruses and hooks.

In the end it’s the songs. They’ve managed to make 3 minute rock pop songs sound fresh. Understated lyrics. Light of indulgent solos. Big on Albini style sounds. It’s a little bit Stooges, GBV, the Hives and even Nada Surf (who covered one of their songs on their latest album). But way more than that.

They are a great band, and they don’t play the fashion card. They show a devotion to indie DIY aesthetic – and not in a scenester way. Nerdy, unfashionable guys rocking their hearts out.

It is, in my book, classic song after classic song. Down On Loving is about the best song I ever heard until the next one – Answer To Yourself. Move Along uses a farfisa (I think) to give it a 60s garage rock vibe. The intensity really builds up to the super aggressive Pull Out, and then rests back on the magical Mexico – the only light moment on the record.

I’m in love. The songs, the sound and lets not forget – the band. Funny and self depreciating in interviews. Could not give a fuck about trends. No big pretentious ideas. Even the album cover is great.

This record did not leave my ears this year. It came out early and I never got tired of it. I am still telling people about it.

I saw this album make a few best of lists online, but not nearly enough. This is not my number 1 album of the year, but it’s my number 1 pick for you. I really don’t know anyone that wouldn’t love it, if you’re a rock fan.

Best tracks: Answer To Yourself, Mexico, Down On Loving

Official website – The Soft Pack

Answer To Yourself – probably doesn’t get less slick than this.

Luckily there’s this awesome thing. I think it’s just a tribute by the Kick Ass guys more than an official thing. So great.

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