Coldplay live Birmingham 2009 - from Life Is Calling
Coldplay live Birmingham 2009 - from Life Is Calling

Has it really been a year since Viva La Vida? Coldplay are in the headlines again, this time thanks to the former Cat Stevens.

Silly plagiarism cases aside, we really enjoyed the Coldplay album (definitely a step up), but we really love how they made all the right moves – yet again – with their fans. As it’s almost been a year, we thought we would look back at all the cool things they did.

Firstly, we at GLF really loved how there wasn’t a super expensive, existing-fans-only package. Everyone is welcome and equal in Coldplay’s world. Even when there was a bonus edition, Coldplay took the almost forgotten step of making the EP (named Prospekt’s March) available separately. And it wasn’t a bunch of terrible remixes or the sound of Brian Eno scraping a barrel. Heck, two of the songs from the EP became singles. One of them Life In Technicolor II, we think is the best track on both sets.

Secondly, they did great small launch shows, before launching on a real man’s world tour. Starting with those small club shows in New York and London (also a lovely live set on the front steps of the BBC for passers by), it escalated to a tour of the world’s biggest stadiums. And when we mean world, we don’t just mean the Us and Europe. From Singapore to Perth to Mexico, Coldplay are going everywhere, and playing to record crowds by doing it (who else is there to see?). And they are not just stopping by once. They have gone back and forth, playing countries like Germany in 3 cities before moving on. Dates run until September this year, ending in London’s Wembley Stadium. Yes, support for those shows will be Girls Aloud. At least it’s different.

Third, they have been great to the fans. We handed over our email addresses to get that free download of Violet Hill over a year ago. We don’t read every word, but the not over whelming amount of mail we get from Coldplay is usually great. Lots of prizes like signed setlists, plectrums and more in every mail. There’s updates from “Roadie #42”, our friend on the inside of the Coldplay camp, giving us access from backstage. We also love “The Oracle“, and place for people to ask any question. Find silly facts like Coldplay uses Macs (good boys)! It’s quite funny. Oh and don’t forget their Twitter, MySpace and YouTube sites. The occasionally free Mp3 for no reason. They are really active and engaging fans. At a level never before tried by a band.

Lastly, they have just announced a free CD giveaway on all their (non-festival) shows this year. The CD, called ‘LeftRightLeftRightLeft’, contains nine live tracks, all of recent vintage. You can download the tracks for free from the site, or pick up a disc shaped souvenir at a show.

So they may not be your favourite band, but darn it, Coldplay are doing very well at being a HUGE band. We are sitting in May and the U2 and Bruce Springsteen albums of this year are already history. Yet people can’t get enough of Coldplay. We like them, and we like what they try to do, and it has been a joy to casually follow this band for the last year. How many bands can you say that about?

After the jump, the very funny film clip for Life In Technicolour ii

Above photo taken from Life Is Calling – more photos here.

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