So I’m really busy but just wanted to write a two things.

Tony Wilson passed away. I’m working in music in the UK and his legend looms large. Many people have told me amazing stories about him. I’ve enjoyed reading him interviewed, his writings and I adore his legacy. But there is no better tribute than the film 24 Hour Party People. Funny, that I’m working on a project now that is one of Tony’s. And I’ve been batling and struggling to get it done despite the ridiculous packaging, and someone pointed out – “That’s Tony.” The man who lost money on every Blue Monday single sold because it was the right thing to do.

Mike Wieringo also passed away. I’m not going to say he was a personal hero of mine or anything overblown. He drew many, many comics I loved. But more importantly, one of the greatest run of comics for me is the Mark Waid era of The Flash, that ran in my late teens. It’s such a mature, well written, loving, funny, epic run of a comic. It’s considered THE Flash era by many, and one of the best titles in that 90s comic explosion. And Mike was there. A great artist, with a great happy style that was so far away from like, the Punisher or Spawn. And when I think of that excellent run of the Flash, and then I see the Flash in my mind, it’s drawn by the hand of Mike Wieringo. That’s something.


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