I’m back in Paris.

I’m jaywalking like I own these streets.

Gare du Nord is my albtross. It’s the only place in recent memory where I felt so unsafe, uncomfortable and undone.

Today I walked through it without a hesitant step. I would have kicked any black cats that would have thought about crossing my path.

It is the hottest I’ve been anywhere since I left Australia. I cannot remember the last time I well and truly sweated!

Today there were hundreds of people on the steps of the Sacre Coeur, just sunbaking.

I know it’s a cliche for someone like me to love Paris but I do. I even love the mess on the streets. It’s like the living room of the locals. You leave a bit of a mess because it is yours.

I have a couple of more days here. I am thinking of joining the pretty young things on the grass and just daydreaming my hours away on the Parisian sun.

Oh and French women, who looked beautiful in summer… Well when they pull out their lighter tops for winter…oh my. I’m not sure what will make me faint first, the heat or the cleavege.

I’m stumbling home and all I can think is I have to get residency in London, so I can live in Paris.


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