Funny how the word ‘Last’ has two meanings (actually probably more). Last can be the end of something. Or last can mean the continuation of something.

I haven’t changed my mind that I am taking a break from posting here. But some people have emailed me after that last post and…yeah there are reasons to keep going too. So…not the last then, in the first sense.

But it is the last post in that I feel like what I said in it meant a lot to me. It built up over months and years of my life about what my beliefs are, what and how I think, and basically being self centred and egotistic.

So when I die, and they find that folder on my computer called “Things To Publish When I’m Dead”, that Last post would make a good ending, even though it’s hopefully not even halfway to the end. In the meantime, a big break from this blog is called for. There’s been enough deep and meaningfuls, really.


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