I know exactly what you’re doing.

You’re starting to wake up early again, restless from the heat.
And you’re lightly sweating as you brace the trains
In the brilliant sun that you don’t appreciate til winter.
Your head swims over jokes and stupid behavior
From yesterday afternoon at the pub that turned into last night.

The office is half full, and I’d be joking and lazing
Feeling sorry for the two people who look busy.
We’d complain how no one is sending us any emails
Except those we are jealous of, those still away
In Byron Bay, Nelson Bay or is it Jervis Bay?

There’d be afteroons where we’d all look at eachother
and we know what’s on eachother’s minds
So we all decide to leave early, grabbing the day by the balls
Living that day for an extra hour and a half
Before the working year really starts and turns it all to shit.

There’d be those friends who’ll surprise us by being at the beach
The one time a year they interlope into Bondi
With beach towels and swimmers we never knew they owned
While my real Bondi friends will ridicule those same interlopers
With a smile, a tan and a demeanor that comes from being truly Bondi

The rest of us will stay in our brick and concrete suburbs
Opening windows and doors wide, damn the risk of the fly invasion
And talk about which Big Day Out Sideshow we’re all excited about
And see a band at the Hopetoun, first on before the sun has even set
And we’ll drink out the back and discuss what we did for New Years

Even those who never go out, we’ll see them once or twice.
Their young kids hit the parks and their young fathers hit the bars
And the girls will wander in, still in their summer crop tops
Even the ones that don’t have the great bodies
Are offering their freckled arms and cleavage to the sun.

And soon those girls will be wearing unrevealing coats
Towels and swimmers will be put back in the bottom of wardrobes
Sleepy people will return in station wagons or discount airlines
And the working days will drift late and the billiant sun will set
And you’ll curl up in your cold quilt and wait for January.

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