Fleetwood Mac – Rumours – 1977 – over 30 million albums

I love this album. I love Tusk too, for the record. This should be owned by another 30 million people.

What kind of album is this anyway? It’s not really a rock album. Or a guitar heavy album. Or a touching singer songwriter album. It’s very much of it’s time. And of course, it’s full of heartbreak and loss, but most importantly, a bit of optimism. Don’t Stop, the Chain…it’s the album to help you get over a break up, and take you for a smooth ride back to OK.

There’s so much story to this album that I’m sure you can find it elsewhere. There’s even a DVD of it! But here are some personal highlights:

– Don’t Stop. All of it. What a song. The sweeping, Beach Boys-y intro. The great bass playing. The guitar solo!

– The ba ba ba solo in Second Hand News. I mean, Lindsay B, you’re one of the underrated guitar gods. Why not sing a solo though.

– Dreams. Mick’s crazy backwards sounding drum rolls.

So there’s a lot of heartbroken people in the world. And it’s definitely an older, more mature record. There’s more depth to it than, say, I Wish I Never Saw the Sunshine. I mean, …Sunshine… is a great, great song. But there’s more intellegence here. Listen to it when you next break up with someone and you’ll feel like you’re being mature about it.

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