Belle And Sebastian played at the Enmore Theatre on June 13th.

The gig was fantastic. Opening with a great, sinister (no pun intended) version of The Stars of Track And Field, the set proceeded to cover most of their new album, the Life Pursuit. It’s a strange album, the Life Pursuit, as it’s more T-Rex and 70s rock than the lightly strummed Forever Changes-isms of ‘classic’ Belle and Sebastian. But just as Dylan took literacy and imagery withn him, kicking and screaming into rock ‘n’ roll, so has Stuart Murodch and co., who has brought hs stories and wit into a new sound.

And it’s a sound that suits the live setting. The rockers kicked ass – White Collar Boy, Jonathan David and the current single, the Blues Are Still Blue. All were fantastic. But whenever Murdoch sang one of his signature songs – be it The State That I Am In, If You’re Feeling Sinister or Judy And the Dream of Horses, the tenderness and confidence in those songs are overwhelming. So slow, so quiet, so great.

And of course, there are many songs I would have liked to have heard – top amongst them is If You Find Yourself Caught In Love, which we didn’t get to hear.

SITE: Belle And Sebastian

MP3: The Stars Of Track And Field – Belle And Sebastian
From the album If You’re Feeling Sinister (Jeepster, 1996)

MP3: If You Find Yourself Caught In Love – Belle And Sebastian
From the album Dear Catastrophe’s Waitress (Rough Trade, 2003)

MP3: The Blues Are Still Blue – Belle And Sebastian
From the album The Life Pursuit (Rough Trade, 2006)

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