Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Wilco. Over the weekend the band performed a new song on Conan, during a special wek of that show broadcasting from Chicago.

The song is great – a very soulful slice of the early 70s. You can hear some Charles Wright in there. They have really reached an exciting place, and their music is turning into a healing thing of warmth. Pretty much a first for Tweedy, with the exception of maybe A.M.

I’m not going to go into teh history of Wilco here if you don’t know it. I’m sure those posts will come. As for now, check out both videos and mp3s of the Conan performance, and hope we get a new album this year.

SITE: WilcoWorld

YOUTUBE: Wilco on Conan 5-12-2006 “We Can Make It Better”

MP3: Wilco – We Can Make It Better (live on Conan) courtesy of Kwaya Na Kisser

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