Neil Young: Heart Of Gold finally gets a cinema release in Australia on May 11th. Also, Young’s new album, Living With War, is now streaming from his official site, Neil’s Garage.

…and this blog is quickly turning into the “Comic Reel Wrap” column at Comic Book Resources. All I seem to talk about are films and DVDs. Still, Jonathan Demme’s little movie about Neil Young, and his concerts last year at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, is finally getting a release. Word is the Australian distributors wanted to go straight to DVD. In this day and age, I almost wouldn’t mind. Let’s face it, I’m going to buy this DVD when it comes out anyway.

It’s a busy year for Neil. His new album, Living With War, is streaming from his official site and is out digitally in a couple of days (US time) and the CD version not long after (though no Australian date has been set). You can find more info at Neil Young News but basically it’s a hastily written and recorded attack on conservative America. And it’s FAR BETTER than I imagined.

And hopefully the year will wrap up with the long awaited, 8 DVD Archives set. Oh let it be yes.

SITE: Heart Of Gold @
SITE: Neil’s Garage
SITE: Neil Young News

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