I’m not going to pretend I know very much about this man. So I hope I don’t deeply offend any Cohen fans out there. I really haven’t given him the time he is due. Here’s what I do know:

* He looks a bit like Leonard Nimoy, and the first name thing confused me for a while as kid.
* He usually looks cool despite the point above.
* Like a billion other people, I love Jeff Buckely’s version of Hallelujah, and my first real exposure to Cohen. That’s one pretty song.
* I caught the clip for First We Take Manhattan on Rage once and it’s gorgeous and scary and a bit like Seventh Seal.
* Ween parodied the cover of his Greatest Hits
* He worked with Phil Spector
* I don’t think I’ve heard more good things about a single show in my life than Came So Far For Beauty, the tribute to Cohen that was put on by the Sydney Festival two years back.
* I’ve just been thinking about getting a nylon string acoustic guitar and someone recommended I revisit old Leonard.

So this morning I’m treated to news of this movie and the trailer. It features footage from the Came So Far For Beauty shows, with Beth Orton, Jarvis Cocker, Antony, and other performances by U2 and others. So maybe now it’s my chance with Leonard. I’m such a doco junkie.

I can’t really recommend a place to start with Cohen with much authority, but I love Suzanne and it’s a pretty important song for him so there you go.

SITE: Trailer for Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man
SITE: Leonard Cohen.com

MP3: Leonard Cohen – Suzanne
– From Greatest Hits (Columbia, 1975)

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