l-r: Ben Chamie, Bruno Brayovic, Graeme Trewin

This email went out today:

Dear Peabody enthusiast,
Please read the following electronic mail from one Graeme Trewin.
It is with a great deal of sadness and advanced nostalgia, that I, Graeme Trewin announce my departure from the band that is Peabody.
This band has been the biggest part of my life for so long now, so to say that I’ll miss being a part of it is a huge understatement! I’m incredibly proud of the music we have made together.
To my brothers Ben and Bruno, it’s been an honour and an absolute pleasure!
Graeme Trewin
Needless to say, Ben and I are still crying into our beers and it is all still too new and sudden to know what we are going to do or what is going to happen, but a career as a covers duo in an RSL is looking likely. We will both miss our pet monkey Trewin immensely and wish him all the best in his new, humble life enriching uranium for Iran and China.
“I don’t know what to tell you. Life is absurd and it confuses me.”
-Matias Perez, Philosopher. Yadda yadda

Now. I love Peabody. Definitely one of the best Sydney bands around, and this obviously comes as sad news. They are also one of the last of the great 3-piece bands. So loud, so rock, yet only three (count ’em!) guys. They had something to say, a great frontman, awesome rhythm section, great songs, great attitude….they had it all. Apart from maybe success.

Their two albums – Professional Againster (brilliant life affirming rock with pop smarts everywhere) and The New Violence (angry, fiery, brilliant) and an EP will be the legacy of this line up of Peabody. They never put a foot wrong.

It’s sad, because the newer songs I’ve heard perform live were better still. Let’s hope there’s some life in the old girl.

SITE: PEABODY – peabody.net.au

MP3: Peabody – She’s Heading Unto Zion
– From the album Professional Againster (NonZero, 2002)
MP3: Peabody – Got You On My Radar
– From the album The New Violence (NonZero, 2005)

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