catching up with a friend over the last 1000 days

Here’s what I remember
What is relevant
What you should know happen since you left
And what is happening now that you’re back:

* In Enmore, on my own
* No, I don’t really see that person anymore.
* I got kind of depressed but I’m okay now
* No I’m not seeing anyone at the moment
* Fucking love the Shins. Have you heard Nada Surf?
* Yeah one album. We’ve started work on another.
* No, last I heard she’s in New York. With that fuckhead of a boyfriend.
* Yes. I don’t get to see her very much. We talk by email a lot.
* No I can’t believe she got married either. What’s Tim like?
* I got the 60GB photo. It’s just over half full.
* Yes, we’re old. Maybe I should settle down. It’s been on my mind.
* Yeah, things are good, really.

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