Last Time I Saw Richard…
Richard was my boss for a few short weeks at a job I had.
He left a few weeks after I started.
And after he left he came back a few times to say hello.
And it was good to see him, but we were working, and we’d moved on.
And we’d joke with him, and catch up and then he’d say goodbye
But he hung around for a little bit longer.
And participated in the one last story and joke.
Kinda like how you stay up and watch Rage for ‘just one more song’.
We all realised he was probably a bit lonely.
And Ben said, he’s like David Brent in the Office Christmas Special.
Just hanging around, when what made him part of our lives was gone.
And I did that once too and once is enough.
And so now it’s been ruined for everyone.
And going back to your old work and hanging around
Is now called doing a David Brent

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