Dear lovely new person in my life who has a boyfriend and is happy and all that

Just wanted to send a message to the world that you are lovely and I love the way you laugh so much and get so much out of things and you laugh at my horrible jokes and you try and get me into great music I’ve never heard. I know you have a wonderful boyfriend who sounds like he’s just what you need and I don’t want any of your time or anything. I think it’s just been a long time since I met someone who reminds me the world is hidden with wonderful people. God you laugh so much how do you find time to breathe? I love your quirks and if I was a younger less bitter and hateful person I probably would have been madly in love with you. As it is, I think you’ve help me noticed something in me that maybe hasn’t been there for a bit. You got it all girl, and it’s awesome that I know you. It’s been a long time since I’ve looked forward to seeing someone, in hopes of finding out more about them.


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