Dear girl that used to catch the 413 to Campsie with me back in the end of Primary school, I had such a crush on you.

I was like 10, and in love. You would get on the bus a couple of stops before me, every day with a different book. How did you ever read so fast? And we would get off at the same stop, and after a few weeks we used to look at eachother when our stop came up to see who would get to the buzzer first.

And after that we became friends of a sort, and I would walk you home then walk to mine. I met your mum and your sister, and then primary school finished and that was that. I bumped into you a few times after that.

There was one time when I was working at the local record store at the mall, Christmas Eve, and you were my last customer. You just came in, asking for a CD, and I didn’t know what to say. It was a nice little end to a good year.

And you looked great, and I ended up being taller than you which I took as a major victory on my part.

anyway, I love(d) you.

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