One day we should record our conversation
Hours and hours of human insight
So I can listen back to it when I’m not in town
And not have to rely on memory and imaginings
Of how you might cut me down
Or how I might cut you back
And how we can smoke by the Yarra
Have coffees til midnight
And discuss the deepest darkest subjects
At the top of our lungs at a dumpling resturaunt
As others look at us wondering if we’re really
Talking about the nature of criticism
Or my theory of boys and girls
Or depression, death and deathly,
And how you have a crush on me
And we can cast two really good looking people
(one choice each of course)
And we can send the tape to Richard Linklater
And show him how it’s really done
Because for four hours we barely took a breath
And you were so right so often
And we truly listened to eachothers points
And everything is perfect the way it is
And everything is where it should be.

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