I was going to have a go at a specific band, how fucked they are, how I don’t get it, how I hate the way they carry themselves, how they are like the watered down diarrhea of Franz, how they have nothing to say, how they should learn to fucking sing cos it’s an actual skill you fuck and competent is not good enough,…but I won’t. I hope that band well. Yeah, I hope they become huge.

But I’m sick of this shit. I remember when you would get beaten up for being in a rock band. How playing guitar in the face of electronica rock of Magoo and Alex Lloyd was a tour of duty, and cutting edge art. When local bands ambitions were to make a record as good as Deserter’s Songs, and not “internationalizing” (an actual word!) and getting a manager in the industry.

When did it all revert?? When did dressing like a band make you a band? Playing music together makes you a band. And nothing else. The only way to act like a band is to be holding instruments at the same time as someone.

I’m really sick of it. I hope guitar rock of all sorts dies in the fucking arse again, so I can enjoy being a contemporary music fan again. Right now, new music seems like a turd lying in my drink.

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