Episode 004 – The Coolites – ‘All Best Are Off’


Our guests this episode are The Coolites – Simon Gibson and Na-Na. Gibson wrote all the songs, through a long personal journey that has taken him from Australia to Vietnam, and from the drum kit to the guitar.

We talked about their new EP All Bets Are Off, and last year’s debut album Caravan Park Summers. You can get it at https://thecoolites.bandcamp.com

0:00-1:26 – Intro
1:44-5:27 – “When Strummer Was Alive”
7:17-9:38 – new song
10:38-13:28 – “Wingman”
13:50-31:28 – interview
31:29-35:41 – “For A Short Time” (Weddings Parties Anything cover)
35:42-36:41 – Outro (I know this is not an actual word)

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Live Recording – Handsome Young Strangers, Jason Walker, Tom Stone – 26th October 2016


Join us for another live recording of The New Album Show. Acoustic performances and chat with musicians who have made some new music. Isn’t it amazing?

This month my guests are:

Handsome Young Strangers. They’re one of a kind – mixing Australian Bush band tradition with punk rock energy. They have a new mini-album called The Battle Of Broken Hill.

Jason Walker. Simply one of the most talented country musicians in Australia, he is constantly in demand, and I have loved probably 50 albums he’s played on. His new solo album is called All Night Ghost Town.

Tom Stone and the Soldiers of Fortune. Tom is one of the most restless artists I’ve ever known. He can do almost anything, which makes it more interesting that when he does his own stuff, it is his love of psych rock that shines through. His new album is Cosmic Shores.

It will be at the Gasoline Pony in Marrickville on 26th October and will be free.

Facebook event here.

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Episode 003 – Bryan Estepa – ‘Every Little Thing’

Welcome to our 3rd episode of The New Album Show.


Our guest is Bryan Estepa, a Sydney songwriter who has been making some of the best pop/rock I’ve heard in the last 10 years.

a1032030952_10We talked about his 2016 album ‘Every Little Thing’. You can find out more at http://www.bryanestepa.com.

0:00-1:26 – Intro
1:27-4:32 – “Object Of My Disaffection”
5:45-8:57 – “At Least You Did Not Know”
9:20-31:25 – interview
31:25-35:05 – “All The Right Reasons” by The Jayhawks
35:32-39:34 – “Seachange”
39:35-40:59 – Outro (I know this is not an actual word)

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Episode 002 – Fallon Cush – Bee In Your Bonnet

Welcome to our 2nd episode of The New Album Show.


Our guest is Fallon Cush, the Sydney band that is the songwriting vehicle for Steve Smith. He was joined onstage by Suzy Goodwin.

0006829999_10We talked about their 2016 album Bee In Your Bonnet. You can find out more at http://www.FallonCush.com.

0:00-1:23 – Intro
1:23-5:29 – “Dorothy”
5:35-8:50 – “Useless Friend”
9:15-29:57 – interview
29:58-33:27 – “Jesus, etc” by Wilco
33:27-34:31 – Outro (I know this is not an actual word)

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Episode 001 – Michael Carpenter – The Big Radio

Welcome to our first episode of The New Album Show.


Our guest is Michael Carpenter. Making solo albums is just one of the things he does.

a0599622651_10He was on the show to talk about his 2016 album The Big Radio. You can find out more at Michael’s Bandcamp.

0:00-1:37 – Intro
1:37-4:34 – “Father”
4:34-34:04 – Interview
34:04-37:07 – “I Want To Hold Your Hand” by The Beatles
37:07-38:26 – Outro

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Coming soon: Episode #1 with Michael Carpenter – “The Big Radio”


Episode 1 of our new show is coming, featuring Michael Carpenter. The Sydney based singer/songwriter/musician/producer/one-man-band has a new album out called “The Big Radio“. You can listen to it below.

He’s made a few videos for tracks on the album. Here’s the video for Blind


The Only One

Run Away

I’ve Been Loving You

Michael produced an EPK talking about the making of the album.

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Live Recording #2 – The Nature Strip, Katie Brianna, The Coolites


Join us at Gasoline Pony in Marrickville for an evening of acoustic music and chat from some frankly friggin awesome solo musicians. The whole night will be filmed and recorded for a podcast.

This is our second live record and will feature

The Nature Strip – John E and Pete Marley

John and Pete were once of the band Warmer, but have now made a wonderful second album under the name The Nature Strip called Presents, which is pop bliss. John also runs the label China Pig, a great new label putting out many of my favourite records in the last few years.

Katie Brianna

Katie’s second album is Victim Or The Heroine, which hints at some of the journey she took in the lead up. She’s sung with Paul Kelly, and has courted Nashville, but her new album sees her expanding and reaching past the country folk tag.

The Coolites – Simon Gibson & Nana

Simon Gibson is one of the best drummers in Sydney (and I’d say anywhere). Life took Simon on a journey to Vietnam for several years. Isolated from the songwriters he usually plays with, Simon wrote a remarkable number of songs that make up the album Caravan Park Summers (released last year) and the new EP All Best Are Off.

All the artists will play acoustically and then I will ask them to talk about their new albums, their inspirations, aspirations possibly inebriations.

We’re banking up some episodes, and will be launching the podcast in September.

Here’s the Facebook Event if you’re Interested.

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